• February 27, 2021 3:28 am
  • North America
Do you love self-transformation, and know deeply that what you think about yourself is who you are, or would love to get great at practicing new ways of being?
We are a community in Silicon Valley, vegan, meditative, with a vision of a united peaceful world, and working on creating the most wondrous community we can.
At the time of this writing we have a 3br town house in Mountain View.  1 family,  made of 2 adults and a toddler.  We have space for more here, and long term, we would like neighbor townhouse communities, or to move to a bigger building.
We love community, strong bonds and deep friendships. In our home, our inner sanctum, we want a place where things make sense, science rules, where we can speak freely, exploring any ideas or perspectives, even critiquing one another’s thoughts and behaviours in a way that is fun, exciting and vibrant. We want to thrive, debate, and enjoy clarifying truth.
I guess the only point in which we aren’t willing to debate is intentionally causing pain or suffering to others.
Brain programs that capture what we are striving for, and would hope the whole house also will: Optimal rational agents, enlightened beings, corporate and community leaders.
The home is vegan.
We practice compassion meditation regularly, and aim to be loving towards everyone.  In our home we want an affirmative rational culture where we feel happy and inspired, and where all are role modeling to create a buddha baby.
We enjoy science videos and discussing the pros and cons of different habits and beliefs. We like discussions about how to be positive influences on society.
We enjoy having friends from all walks of life, and being able to build bridges between different perspectives, so are looking for housemates who enjoy civil discourse even with people they disagree with.
We have a good VR setup in the lounge room. 😃
Individuals, families or single parents welcome.  We are looking to rent a room, and later more buildings.  We could also trade for housework, writing, film making, etc.
Vegan, no intoxicants, non smokers.
We have been on strict coronavirus quarantine, and would like to live with people who would like to do the same. Currently we have been limiting social interactions outside to less than once a month, being extra cautious with social distance and masks.
We had our first child in 2020. We are both engineers. We also both love to guide mindfulness, compassion and laughter meditations, as well as hold workshops empowering people.
Some of the activities and discussions we like are ultimate frisbee, choir, creating and enjoying positive music, community picnics, recreational group cycling, dancing, vegan festivals and activities, free hugs on the street (when there isn’t a plague), cooking, blueberry pie, yoga, robots, AI, virtual reality, adventures, social change through media / conversation / community activities, and making the world a better place.

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