• July 9, 2020 1:57 pm
  • Europe

Some details from their website:

Volunteering at AL QUINTA FOREST GARDEN is a chance to experience a totally different lifestye. A constantly changing, family community. A chance to live in the moment. A challenge to create something completely new & yet maintain & sustain something timeless.
Please be aware this is not a conventional farm. This is about a sustainable lifestyle.

Note – As all water is recycled all washing & toiletry products you wish to use here must be 100% biodegradable!

We offer

  •  A bed either in a shared room in the house, or a small casot.
  •  3 meals a day. All wholefood, basically organic (as far as possible) & vegan. Wine served with evening meal.
  •  A chance to experience and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.
  •  An opportunity for personal growth & development.

You offer 

  •  5 hours work a day, for 5 days a week. Which hours and which days are a group decision.
  • Working in the forest garden, gardening, feeding and tending to the animals, cleanings after meals, preparing meals from time to time and cleaning communal space.
  • The pleasure of your company, friendship & frequently lasting bonds. An open accepting attitude is essential.

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